deathroned gameplay

deathroned gameplay


Full developed Unreal action/stealth prototype.

deathroned gameplay

Level Designer & World Builder for Deathroned, a fast paced Roguelike FPS

deathroned gameplay

The Game Cartridge

Full developed Unreal small prototype using only Blueprints and starter content

The Enchated Forest

The Enchanted Forest: Designer, Coder and Artist. Game made in Unity for the Erasmus+ programe at ESAD

Realtime animation

Realtime rendered video made inside Unity. Art, Illumination and integration.

Illumintimes Trailer

Teaser Trailer of Illumintimes: Final project for my university. Developerd the Art and Design of this Point & Click Adventure prototype.

Xaxi & Yill

Game Design award for this gamejam project. Characters and Design

Animation transitions

Motion Graphic transitions throught differents objects


3D demo reel from 2015

CAFE - Adrián Calvo Fernández

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